Elf Circle Mage


Communication: 1
Constitution: 1
Cunning: 4 (Arcane Lore)(Healing)
Dexterity: 3
Magic: 4
Perception: 2
Strength: 1
Willpower: 2

Speak and Read: Trade Tongue
Read: Ancient Tevene
Speak: Elven (Linguistics)

Arcane Lance: 16 yards, 1d6+ Magic, damage
Magic Training, 3 Spells

  1. Heal
  2. Shock
  3. Winters Grasp

Talent: Linguistics (novice)
Starting Health: 26
Mana Points: 20

Defense: 13
Armor: 3
Speed: 15
Spellpower: 14
Spell stunts: Pg 50

Traveler’s garb
Water skin
Morning Star 1d6+3
Light Leather: Armor 3 Strain 1
Metal Flask
Flint & Steal
Healers Kit
Rope 20’
1 Week travel Rations

22sp 40cp


Growing up in the Circle Tower was no easy thing for someone with itchy feet. I remember constantly getting in trouble for wandering somewhere that I wasn’t suppose to be. It wasn’t until grandmaster Irving found me in the corner of his study trying to see what was in his lock box that my inquisitive nature became an asset instead of a hindrance.

My punishment was to shadow one of the tranquil for one month, helping him with the cleaning up and organizing of the tower. I was to shadow Owen he watched over the stock room, at first I thought I would die being cooped up all day in that stuffy old room, cleaning old crap that looked like it would most likely fall apart than perform some wonders magic. Until I found an old book on the history of the elven people. I don’t know why it was in the storage room but I decided before I brought it out to Owen I might as well flip though it. I had never had much desire to find out about my people before. I had never been outside the tower and the apprentices were treated pretty much the same.

As I started to flip though I found myself lingering on some of the pages and actually reading and I was pulled into the book, that is were Owen found me sitting on the floor with my nose in that book. He told me to return it to the library and that after I was done cataloging the storage room I could have the rest of the day off to read the book. It was the first time I had a reason to do something here. I must say that being a mage was not something that ever really interested me, I slacked on my studies and just barely got by in my history lessons. Reading that book change me forever, I realized that outside the tower was a whole world that had a history that was part of me, that my people had been victimized and wonder the land looking for a home, and here I sit and wallow because I am bored. How many elves wish for that.

From that point on I couldn’t get enough, I studied all the books that the circle had on the elves and there culture and there magic, for they were supposed to have there own brand of magic that the circle did not practice. Learning about what we as a people had lost sadden my heart and I decided that all I wanted to do was to go and find the Dalish and see what they could teach me, I suddenly had a thirst for knowledge that had always been there just not realized, I couldn’t get enough.

Every once in a while I would catch Grandmaster Irving smiling at me with a look like he knew I would find my passion, I think I will always be grateful for him in that, he never once thought I was hopeless and he contently pushed me in different directions to help me find it. So it came to no big surprise to him when the day after my Harrowing I asked to make a trip to see if I could find a band of Dalish and see what I could learn.

At first I didn’t think it was going to happen, Irving and Gregor (the Templer grandmaster) got into a few heated discussions about it. And then it finally happened Gregor and Irving came to me and told me that I had been given permission to go but I had to have a Templer escort. He was a young man that was new the the order and seemed not all that thrilled about the prospect. He definitely had a negative opinion of elves and I think this was to help him come to terms with toughs attitudes.

We left the next day and travel to the Bersilian forest in the south east, we were told that this was where we would have the best luck finding the Dalish. Little did I know how dangerous the trip would really be. We traveled and looked for the dalish for about a month getting deeper and deeper into the woods until one night we were attacked, it was so fast I didn’t really know what was happening. Werewolves had found our camp and in the templar tried his best but was cut down fast and then there were arrows flying though the air and I was saved, or so I thought, the dalish were not as friendly as I thought they would be. I thought they would welcome me as a lost brother but instead they kept me at arms length. It wasn’t until I started learning there language and tried to follow some there traditions that I won some points. It took almost 6 months before I felt that they trusted me.

They allowed me to travel with them and I learned so much about the elves. I learned about the Creator and the pantheon of the god that the elves worshiped and the keeper even started teaching me about elven magic and how the elves viewed the world. I stayed with them for 3 years and developed a family bond that I didn’t know I was missing, the circle was all about being a team but this was family and it was wonderful. Then the keeper brought be to an ancient site of elven construction. It was beautiful and it made me wonder what else was out there that could uncover the secrets of the ancient elves, what did they know? I don’t think that the elves of old wondered around the woods, they lived in cities and practices all types of magic and lore and that is what I wanted, what I needed to find. So I bid my new family goodbye and set off on my journey to find the lost lore of the elves, I was going to have to find some companions, I knew that I didn’t have all the skills necessary for this kind of quest, but I also knew that if I went into a human town I wouldn’t have that hard of a time to find someone that craved adventure, I was just going to have to be careful about exposing my magical ability for my Templer guard was gone and I would have a hard time explaining that. So I put on my Dalish leather armor grabbed my backpack and Healing kit stuck my wand up my sleeve to hide it but also make it easy to get. The Templar had a mourning star that he had started training me on before his death and I took that and headed out on the road. Off to find the secret of the elves and whatever else I could find.


Ianto cdwood76